Artist Services was created to fill a need for products and services that help the professional fine artist to become more productive and profitable. The services that we provide are fine-art reproduction, documentary photography, marketing design and fulfillment services.

Our primary product is fine art reproduction. We scan original art, paintings, watercolors, collage and all other types of two-dimensional art and make first-generation archival prints of these artworks on paper and canvas. The result of this work is signed and numbered limited-edition prints. Artist Services is a stand-alone printing studio dedicated to making the finest archival prints available anywhere.

The documentary photography of two-and three-dimensional art is essential for marketing. Our many years of experience as advertising photographers give us the skills to create beautiful still life photography for three-dimensional artists. The lighting we use for our fine-art reproduction work is also used in our documentary work for two-dimensional art.

All successful artists have one thing in common, an effective marketing and sales program. We offer graphic design and marketing consultation to help artists of all types develop the systems and create the visual materials to support identity and create sales.

We offer fulfillment services, stretching canvas, mounting prints, packing and shipping orders. These services eliminate the time, space, equipment and people it takes to get the work out the door and to the client.

Our talents as artisans are available to help artists to be their best. Everything an artist does every day has an effect on the outcome of the work. Focus is essential for success. The details take away time. We can help in these ways to regain time and make more money.